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Saturday 2 January 2016

Shopping locally

The supermarket that we frequent infrequently has a wide assortment of meat products on offer. But for some reason whenever we are there the selection looks less that appetizing. When meat lets go of its juices and lies there swimming in its styrofoam packaging I just as soon leave it there. So the solution is to shop at the local "CarnicerĂ­a" or butcher shop. The only thing about doing this is that you need to go early in the day when the meat is fresh off the truck. As I walk into the store I take a deep sniff and if all smells well I start looking at the wares on display.

This morning we left "La Lonja" the butcher with 500 grams of ground beef, four chicken breasts, four pork chops and 500 grams of bacon, amazing bacon actually. So on Saturday I will make a nice pot of chicken curry using the slow cooker.

Across the street from the butcher is the market where there are a plethora of fresh vegetable vendors and no shortage of choices. There is really no need to shop at the supermarket for fresh produce and meats. From now on we'll shop there for canned goods and booze.

La Lonja has two locations in town, that we know of. One is conveniently located across the street from the market at Plaza Civica, and the other is conveniently located a few doors down from the Super Bonanza.



  1. Love the pictures and the stories. Keep 'm coming and enjoy your time. đŸ˜˜

  2. I can smell the curry already. Thinking maybe I need to make some too now, it's been a while since we have had any!

    1. We love curry! Be it Indian or Thai. Spices are amazing. We stopped for lunch today at a Chinese trough, that's what I call it anyway, you pick your rice or noodles and add a couple of other items. It was amazingly delicious! Spicey, flavourful and generous. All that for 50 Pesos each.