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Sunday 10 January 2016

Rubbernecking through town

There is a neighbourhood we can see from our roof deck that looks interesting and colourful. So we decided to walk there and have a look. The subdivision is quite new and plenty of building lots are still available. The houses that have been built are quite impressive and colourful. Way too big for us but still fun to look at and dream big. A rather large man approached us and asked us where we were headed. I thought he wanted to give us a guiding hand, so I told him that we were just out for a walk. He nodded approval and let us on our way. It became clear on our way out of the development that he is there to keep an eye on things, guarding against break-ins and theft from construction sites. I suppose we looked like friendlies.

Cactus fruit for free

A bit farther down the road we saw a smaller development, row houses more to our liking and needs. I will have to do some research on the for sale signs I photographed to check on prices etc. Just in case we end up buying something here. You never know, right?

With the sun shining from a cloudless sky the temperature was nice and warm on the sunny side of the street and cool on the shady side. Most Mexicans walk on the shady side, but I prefer feeling the warmth. However Shelagh needs the shade because she just spontaneously combusts. I have to wear a hat now because the sun is quite fierce at this altitude.

Just Married

We made our way into downtown and Shelagh had a lunch spot chosen already. Ten Ten Pie is a restaurant that has a location in the centre and another in the suburbs on calle Sterling Dickinson. (Stirling Dickinson was one of the first American expats who settled in San Miguel de Allende. He was an artist and a teacher in San Miguel. They named a street after him.) The menu at Ten Ten Pie is Mexican, but I felt like having a hamburger, Shelagh finally found Flautas on offer and ordered those, we always share a bite of each others orders so to have a taste. The weather was so nice and we sat outside under an umbrella it became clear that this would become a two beer lunch! Why not? We are here to enjoy ourselves. After our delicious food we went around the corner a grabbed a shady spot on a bench in the Jardin.

Ten Ten Pie in town

Sundays are wonderful in the Jardin. Families and couples young and old share the square and socialize. There are food vendors on every side selling anything from ice cream to tacos. One lady sold bags of "Dorito" chips which she would cut open and top the chips with melted cheese and salsa. After a while letting lunch digest a bit we made our way back up our hill to our lovely home. This life is good, it will be difficult to leave here...

Hat trick
Ice cream
Madam Dorito
Shoeshine man
Clean up crew
Spotted this on the way home
Sterling Dickinson



  1. Send us an email at if you want to come visit us in Queretaro...only a short bus ride away.

  2. "Life is good, it will be difficult to leave here"
    I assume you were warned but It happens to almost everyone.

  3. Just think of all the other places you have yet to visit in Mexico :)

    We take photos for Sotheby's, I wonder if they would send us to SMA.

    1. We look forward to seeing to seeing a lot more of Mexico. Starting on Thursday... But that's another post...