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Sunday 17 January 2016

Pizza Capriciossa!

It's Saturday so we're off to the organic market to do a little shopping and meet up with Bill and Edith and Bob and Kathy. We met Bill and Edith on the shuttle bus from the airport in Léon to San Miguel when we first arrived here, and we were introduced to Bob and Kathy by them.

"La Ventana" sells organic coffee from Chiapas

As we walked through town on our way to the market we came upon a parade, our first one in San Miguel. A very good marching band led the procession, and there were the huge paper maché puppets dancing along. Then a large group of people all in the same uniform and cowboy hats chanting along. There was even a golden gaucho with his burro all dressed up.

Spring is in the air...
We will stop here soon for a taco!
Our loaf hiding behind the sourdough

The market is always fun with its vendors selling fresh veggies and baked goods. Last week we picked up a loaf of Tuscan style bread that was delicious so today we got another loaf, also another bag of mixed greens for a couple of salads. Two avocados and some Mandarin oranges also made their way into our big shopping bag. With our shopping done we made it to the area where there are tables and chairs for people to sit and chat while enjoying a coffee or lunch. Shelagh and I share a cappuccino because we don't want to get over caffeinated. Then at about 12:30 we headed out to a restaurant called "La Orchidea", a Thai place, but it was not opening at the scheduled time. This is Mexico, there could be any number of reasons. Thankfully Bill knew of another place. He took us on a short walk to "Mare Nostrum" an Italian restaurant run by a Sicilian family. Here we found our most favourite pizza, a "Capriciossa"! Our friends had pasta dishes and salmon, but Edith looked at the description of the pizza Capriciossa and ordered her own. Everyone tried a piece of Edith's pizza and I think we made a few converts.

A dead art back home...
Left to right... Kathy, Bob, Shelagh, Edith and Bill
The front court
So un assuming

After lunch we took a leisurely walk home and stopped for a while at Plaza Civica. Then up the mountain to our home. A lazy afternoon followed on the roof...

Afternoon gossip



  1. Wow! What a great day - LOVE the many parades in Mexico! That taco stand looked good but we'd never say no to pizza! Mmmmmm super looking bread!

  2. Nice, you are missing dark,windy,cold rainy day here. At least the Canucks won!

  3. Bread is always a challenge in Mexico. There is a great bakery called of oaa things "The Canadian Bakery" in SMA, maybe you will get a chance to try it out. Get there early, they sell out quickly.

    I love SMA. The air, the light and the colours! I could spend a week just photographing the old doors.