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Thursday 7 July 2016

Green Timbers Urban Forest Park

When our younger son Chris went away for a weekend to visit friends in Kelowna we agreed to go to his home once a day to feed the cat and spend some time playing with this devil's spawn. She was not the least bit interested in us and slept under the covers of his bed. When we would touch the bed she would hiss and growl. Oh well, we were there just to keep an eye on things...

Shelagh had discovered a nearby park and we decided to explore the place...

Green Timbers Urban Forest Park is located between 96 and 100 avenues at 144 street in Surrey, BC, Canada. It is an absolute gem of a place and we went there three days in a row. Here's a brief history of the park.

The park is dotted with these handy signs

The property once belonged to a much larger forest of giant trees. Before the area was logged in 1929, people came from as far away a San Diego to marvel at the enormous 200 ft trees. The present forest is new and the first effort in the reforestation program in the history of British Columbia. The province transferred ownership if the land to the city if Surrey in 1970. In 1987 the Green Timbers Heritage Society was formed and spearheaded two referendums which have resulted in the formation of Green Timbers Urban Forest Park.

Last winter's storms have taken some trees

An additional 30 ha. of land adjoining the park was transferred by the province in 2008. This added land combined with a Cultural Capitals Grant in 2007 resulted in the Surrey Nature Centre, which offers a wide variety of school and public programs complimenting the natural and cultural heritage of Green Timbers.

Over the three days of exploring this park we have walked nearly every trail. The trails come in various shapes and widths, from narrow ones taking you through dense forest to wide ones over the meadows and lush new growth. The wide trails are so well kept that even people in wheel chairs can navigate them.

Learning how to fish

In the centre of the park is a beautiful lake which is stocked twice a year with rainbow trout. You do need a licence to fish here if you are over 16 years of age. The daily limit is two fish per angler. Also on and around the lake are many birds to watch, including large raptors high in the trees. There is a nice balance of nature here where the wildlife cycle is completely evident.

Crossing Green Timbers Way to the Surrey Nature Centre you come upon a place offering kids a chance for some hands on learning. The interactive displays are a fun learning tool for young and old alike. Here you can also borrow a back pack stocked with nature activities ranging from bird watching to learning tree species. You can also borrow a fishing rod with reel and tackle here for use at the lake. A variety of day camps are available for children and pre teens.

Borrow a back pack

To access the park use 100 avenue. A parking lot is near the T intersection with 144 street. There is a large picnic area near the lake where lunch or dinner would be great after a few hours of fun in the sun. This park is also excellent for running or jogging.