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Thursday 14 January 2016

A fine day with Kevin and Ruth

An angry morning sky

The day started with an alarm set for 7:00 PM. I'm not very good with alarm clocks, that's why we're retired. Today we went to the city of Querétaro to meet with long time bloggers and traveling royalty Kevin and Ruth Read. Their blog has a wealth of information for those who like to travel the world and bomb around in an RV. Their website is:

After rushing through the morning rituals we left the house on the hill at 8:00 AM and walked to town to catch the bus to the main intercity bus terminal. We had done our due diligence the day before so we knew which bus to take. We arrived at the bus terminal and purchased our tickets. The intercity buses here are luxurious to say the least. They have comfortable reclining seats and they play movies. The uneventful drive to Querétaro lasted one hour and twenty minutes.

Querétaro is a huge city with a population of about 800,000 people. But has a historic centre that is calm and clean and in some areas traffic free. When we arrived at the bus terminal we were greeted by Kevin and Ruth. People who are so familiar to us through their blog but whom we had not yet met. We soon piled into a taxi and took a short ride to the 300 year old aqueduct that still stands proud in the city centre. It once supplied water to the the city and it is still in use today to supply water to the many fountains in town. In some places it reaches a height of over 23 meters and it has a length of 1.28 Km. We walked along the aqueduct 'till we came to a viewpoint of the city. Sadly the day started out cloudy and wet, but nobody can control the weather so there's no point getting down about it.

We strolled through town visiting many churches and chapels. The city centre is spotless thanks to the many workers moving about sweeping and tidying. Here too the plazas are dotted with trees pruned in the style seen in so many Mexican places. Their white painted trunks really make for a pleasing look.

We stopped for lunch at one of those typical little eateries where a few women whip up food that is so tasty and incredibly inexpensive as well. Combined with a guava-ade drink it was just right. We continued our tour of the town with another visit to a church. This one beautifully decorated with guilted carved walls and a very impressive copula. We then continued to the hotel where we met Sherman, Kevin and Ruth's home on wheels. We enjoyed happy hour with delicious rum punch drinks.

Sherman has been all all over Canada, the USA and Mexico with Kevin and Ruth who have been traveling for over eight years now. If you have the urge to so the same I highly recommend their website where you will find all you need to know on the topic.

Thanks Kevin and Ruth for a great day!



  1. Ahhh.....we too have spent many a fine day with Kevin & Ruth. Hugs to you all. It is a privilege to know all four of you!!

    1. Yes it was a fun day, like you two they are easy people to meet. so much fun to meet people in Mexico that you have chatted with for a long time on a blog. And yes , Sherman is a cool dude.

  2. We did really enjoy meeting up finally in person, and thanks for the tour of the city. Seriously we enjoyed our meet and great with Sherman, he pours a good drink! So looking forward to you coming to San Miguel, we hope we can show you a few of our special spots.

  3. Thanks Peter and Shelagh for coming to visit us. So glad that you enjoyed Queretaro, just wish the morning part of the day had been sunny but there's nothing we can do about the weather. We really enjoyed our time with you both and look forward to seeing you again in San Miguel.

  4. Nice for you to check out yet another city. Thanks to the four of you we now have a great idea of what a neat place it is. We have only driven around it but never visited. For certain another time. Nice shots folks.

  5. Beautiful photos! Love reading blogs!

  6. A beautiful city to visit. We made that same bus trip a few years ago for our first visit to Querétaro. Too bad about the rain but it is raining harder back home!

  7. The interior of that church is mind!!!