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Thursday 19 July 2018

Duncan Day

Last Saturday was "Duncan Day". In addition to the usual Saturday market, there were the local downtown stores outside selling their wares at discounted prices. There was even a parade with a RCMP on horseback. It was a fantastic day with music food and crowds. It was a very busy affair and the weather was awesome... Enjoy the pictures!

A little train track for the kids

Many fire trucks and some happy kids along for the ride

This is "Longevity John" a Duncan icon with half a beard! He has organized the "39 days of July" festival six years running. 

The local Air Cadets have a great band

The wine vendors at the market did a brisk business

Is that a stick shift?

Custom chopper

A magical moment for this little boy

A fashion show from all the local dress shops

I love the Duncan city hall with its bell tower