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Tuesday 26 January 2016

A Circus X A Zoo + Mardi Gras = ???

El Tianguis de Martes de San Miguel de Allende. The Tuesday Market of San Miguel de Allende is a riot of colour, smells, scents, people and noise. Here you can shop 'till you drop and find pretty much everything you can imagine. Even free puppies! A "Tianguis" is a travelling market. Every day the vendors move to a different town, set up their stalls early in the morning and break it all up again in the afternoon, then head to the next town to do it all over again.

We walked to downtown and took the #8 bus to the market, the #9 bus is also possible. Any bus to anywhere in this city costs a flat rate of five Pesos. The bus stops right at the market and is a comfortable ride up the steep streets of town.

The market is huge! Like two football fields stuffed to the rafters with stalls and vendors selling their wares. Beautiful fresh vegetables, meat and sausage, bread, clothing both designer and knock-off, tools of all descriptions, the list goes on and on. And then there are the vendors cooking food for lunch. Soup, pizza and all that wonderful Mexican street food, cooked right before your eyes, hot off the grill. If you have the energy you can spend all day here shopping for that surprise treasure, the thrill of the find definitely applies.

Tortillas made on the spot
Fresh fish
Everything for the garden
Applying stain to furniture

We left the market with what we came for, green beans, strawberries and four limes. Then going home we decided to walk. It's mostly a level and downhill walk, so easy peasy. Passed the Botanical Gardens and through the posh neighbourhood called "Balcones". Now the veggies need their bath of disinfectant and we are ready for business. A relaxing afternoon is planned, it might include some wine, a roasted chicken and coleslaw.

Walking through Balcones



  1. I love the local markets they are so much fun! We always get our weeks worth of fruits and veggies when we go.

    We are in Dolores Hidalgo at them moment and can't find any strawberries but we did get a nice pineapple!

    Glad that you enjoyed it and the nice walk back home.

    Sorry we didn't get to see you again before we left. I even had a couple of brownies to give you but we didn't come into town yesterday or the day before.

    1. Darn! I love brownies, and Nanaimo bars...

    2. You could always come to Dolores Hidalgo again today. We still have a couple of brownies left! ;-)

  2. The local markets there are amazing, sound like a great day, and then chicken,,, love chicken.