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Thursday 3 December 2015

Who needs a gym...

Up at nearly eight o'clock on Thursday, all this walking about makes for good sleeps. After all the morning rituals we had some fruit for breakfast and left the house for a walk. We decided to just start walking and see what happens... Through alleys and narrow cobble stone streets we explored the city and once in a while we would stop to get our bearings on the small map in our possession.


We came upon a place called "Los Lavaderos" a place with many stone basins for doing laundry. I can just see all the town folk gathering here to do their washing. What an amazing social event that must have been, but you never know, it may still be in use today as it shows no sign of abandonment. No washing was being done when we came upon it though.

Continuing our walk into park "Juárez". Very nicely laid out with exercise equipment permanently installed, good stuff if you can't afford a gym membership. A basketball pitch, and a play and climbing place for kids aged two to 12 years of age. Lots of people of all ages walking around in this park getting their daily move on.

We are going to look into this tour tram thing...

All along our walk today we would peek into stores to see what's on offer, slowly we'll figure out who sells what. Close to home there are a couple of "tiendas" family corner stores, that sell the kind of stuff that you have just run out of. We went into one of them today to just take a look, but there was mostly junk food and candy, no longer in our diet. But we did find some stores nearby that we would return to.

After park Juárez we returned to the Jardin and walked the perimeter. Some rather expensive tourist traps and moderately priced restaurants, just one block away from the Jardin everything is a bit more affordable. We stopped at a little restaurant for lunch. Shelagh ordered the Enchiladas de pollo, and I had a lovely club sandwich. Silly me, should have had the enchiladas too. Both of us had a Pacifica beer, yummy.

The all uphill walk back home was a little easier today. We relied on Shelagh's built in GPS system to guide us home, I don't know how she does it, but she has a gift for learning a city's layout within a few days. We will spend the afternoon relaxing as the weather warms up a bit. It was a cool 10C and overcast today, but tomorrow we will be back to 21C.



  1. Lovely little tour of San Miguel and yes, you certainly get a good workout walking there. That laundry area is still in use today. When we were there a couple of years ago we saw several ladies using it.

    I think the big market is on Tuesdays at the top of the hill near the big shopping center. Definitely a good place to visit and get any of your fruits and veggies.

    1. Thanks for the tip Ruth! The Mega is good, but a market would really rock our world! Tomorrow we will set out to find the otganic market.