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Monday 21 December 2015

The Organic Market and a Party

Saturday morning, while warming up with coffee, the phone rang... It was Barbara calling from the guest house with the news that a couple could not make it to the Christmas get together and would we like to join the party. We thought about it for a while and decided to decline, worried that we would be a "fifth wheel" at the party. Barbara was a bit disappointed and left it with the option that if we changed our minds it would be great.

Hand rushing chairs

Saturday is "Organic Market" day. Our first time there, last week, was more or less just to see what's for sale there. And to meet up with Bill and Edith whom we had met at the Léon airport when we arrived here. This time we were into doing some shopping. Picked up some fruit, broccoli, chevre and a hand crafted wooden Rubix Cube style puzzle. Then we bought a cappuccino to share and sat down people watching for a while.

The busiest stall at the market

Soon Bill and Edith were there and we chatted a while. We were joined by their friends who had just moved here two months ago from South Carolina. Great people, e-mail addresses were shared. They bought an older house in town and are building an addition, to be completed in February. We will see more of Bob and Kathleen in the future. We were invited to join them for lunch at "Francesco's" just a short walk from the market. Francesco's has wonderful Mediterranean dishes including pizza. We had been craving pizza for a while so ordering the house special was a no brainer. Delicious pizza and huge, we took three slices home for lunch later.


As we were leaving the market Trey, who along with his partner Bill are hosting the Christmas get together, stopped us in our tracks and had a few questions...

"I hear you are not coming to the party"!?

"Well, we did not want to impose... We are the newbies, and we don't really belong just quite yet" and some more jargon like that...

"That's un-acceptable on all levels! You're coming and that's that!"

"What can we bring"?


After our delicious pizza lunch we hoofed back to the Jardin and bought a couple of twiggy reindeer that an indigenous lady was making right there on the sidewalk. A token thank you for the invitation to the party. We got back home and Barbara had already been informed of the fact that we had our minds changed. What a riot. We had 30 minutes to get ready.

Then off we went to the neighbourhood called "Los Frailles". It's a ways out of town and the houses are newer. We parked the car and were greeted by our hosts Trey and Bill. Bill is one of (if not the best) interior designer and architect in Texas. The house is worthy of an article in "Better Homes and Gardens". Beautiful arches, boveda ceilings and the décor so tastefully done, you just can't stop looking at all the perfection. Since this is a private residence I did not take any pictures. Just imagine perfection. At night the house was lit with laser lights projected onto the walls and trees, very effective.

The party was a blast! We're so happy to have been there. Trey and Bill had gifts for all and there was also a gift exchange that we did not partake in because of the short notice. Next time! Dinner was a pot luck affair with lasagna, cream corn, broccoli salad and scalloped potatoes. And dessert included Barbara's not yet world famous pecan pie.


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  1. Thanks again for a great read. You are meeting interesting people; it's great when people around you are so friendly and welcoming.