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Sunday 20 December 2015

Spaghetti sauce and Schnitzels

On Thursday, still a bit weak in the knees and with runny noses and dizzy heads we headed into town to the market to see about getting something to cook for dinner. I had decided to make some spaghetti sauce, good comfort food, and it will add another dinner to the freezer. This is the first time we bought ground beef at a local butcher. This butcher shop is mentioned in a book about San Miguel and he has been is business for some 30 years. We figure that if you are in business that long you must have a good reputation. We walked in and ordered 500 grams of ground beef in perfect Spanish. The cost; $40.00 Pesos. Then on to the Super Bonanza store for the rest of our ingredients and a bunch of spices. Once back at home I started preparing the spaghetti sauce, and the beef smelled not like in Canada, but not like meat that is off. The beef was perfectly fine, it's just that it is Mexican beef and fed a different diet. The spaghetti sauce was delicious and we are both still alive...

A very loud street band

On Fridays our circle of friends meet at a restaurant called "La Frontera". This place rates high on trip advisor. I use this app quite a lot to look up places to eat or shop. La Frontera is a popular Tex Mex restaurant frequented by expats from all over the place and the wait staff speaks excellent English. The food is comfortable and tasty. I very much enjoyed my Drowned Burrito, and Shelagh had Friday's special, the Fish Tacos. They had great crunch and tasted yummy.

Susie and Trey

After lunch we had to top up the fridge and pantry so we had planned to walk to the Mega, but Reggie, one of our new friends also had to go there so he gave us a ride in his vintage VW Bug. The people we have been introduced to here by our landlady are all so wonderfully helpful and kind, we feel truly welcomed and blessed with their friendship. They had a Christmas get together planned for Saturday, but since we have only been in this circle for just a couple of weeks they did not plan for our presence, and they felt really sorry that we could not join them. We understand this completely, these people have known each other for many years... More on that in my next post...

Reggie and BB

At the Mega we kicked ass and shopped like professionals. Since the wine was still on sale, we stocked up some more. Bought some beautiful pork slices, good for schnitzels. Loads of fruit and veggies. At the till I was asked for ID, probably because people don't usually buy this much food and booze. The cab ride home was a bit more expensive today, probably because the town is very busy with (Mexican) tourists.

Come dinner time I egged and breaded two of the six pork slices and stuck the remaining four in the freezer. Made a medley of veggies, broccoli, carrots and beans. The pork schnitzels fried up beautifully and the veggies were very tasty for a variety I don't usually put together.



  1. Have you made it to the Tuesday tianguis (market) yet. You will find the fruits and vegetables so much fresher and nicer and also cheaper there. We did our big shop at Chedraui the other day and bought a few fruits and veggies to do us until today when we were able to go into town for Valle's tianguis. We bought so much more in the way of vegetables and it was SO much cheaper.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      The Teusday market is on the agenda for this week, last week we were just too sick to even try. Thankfully we are here for three months so a couple of weeks beaten down will not hurt ultimately. Hey! We're almost neighbours!

      Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

    2. Almost. Quite different neighbourhoods though!

  2. Had the same band here on the beach today. Tis the Christmas season. You can never have too much wine :)