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Monday 14 December 2015

"Hecho en Mexico" and grocery shopping

Today is shopping day, we need some grocery shopping done and the vino tinto (red wine) is running low. The Mega store is a 45 minute walk away and it's not difficult because it's all downhill. We hail a cab for the return trip, just $45.00 Pesos. Along the way is a great restaurant where we stopped for lunch. "Hecho en Mexico" is a wonderful gringo hangout and the food is good. There is a large portrait of Toller Cranston hanging at the entrance, and a lot more of his art adorns the walls. Typically at restaurants here you are given a basket of nachos and salsa to take the edge off, the nachos here are considered among the best, they should be, we were told that they fry them in pure lard! Both the red and the green salsas were delicious. I was craving a good old fashioned hamburger, yummy. Shelagh behaved and had a shrimp appetizer.

Last week...
This week!!!

Once we arrived at the Mega we went right to work. It takes a little getting used to shopping in a different country and culture, plus we are still learning the layout of the store. It took us a while to find bacon, but eventually it all comes together. The wine was on sale so we stocked up. Once home we topped up the veggie crisper and added some chicken to the freezer, and made some more chicken veggie soup. Had an early night, in bed at 10:00 PM with some good cold remedies down our necks, should make for a good night's sleep...

Our Lady of Guadaloupe is everywhere

WRONG! At midnight all hell broke loose! It sounded like a military invasion! Explosions all over the place for about an hour. Then again from 5:00 'till 6:00 AM. December 12th is a religious holiday in Mexico, known as "Our Lady of Guadaloupe" day. Sleep came and went, but this is Mexico and we love it.



  1. Well I slept through the midnight to 1:am barrage because those cold pills knock you out! The firecrakers go off at all sorts of times so you just have to go with the flow.
    Life is very good. As we look out over the pressa(dam) we feel that in one direction we look at Vancouver Island, another we look over the golden hills of Tuscany and finally the Okanagan. Very pretty and the sky is sooooo blue.

  2. our ladyof guadelope is all over arizona also.i love going to the mexican stores.

  3. Ha! If it's anything like Zihua - music and fireworks from now until New Years - sounds like you have already gotten off lightly - it started there back in mid November. They probably would have had a parade - too bad you missed it! Hopefully you feel better soon!