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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Pricklies and Pizza

Today, Monday, the sun is shining and there is a warm breeze. The perfect day for a wander through town. Bill and Edith had mentioned a cactus garden behind the restaurant Francesco's. We checked our map and figured out where to go from the restaurant. To get there we must walk clear across town, mostly downhill, so pretty easy stuff. But we also like to take different routes to our destination to see more of the city and the houses that look so simple from the street, but once in a while you get a glimpse of what lies behind the iron gates. Usually a courtyard surrounded by the house, in most cases a very impressive house. Initially the courtyard functioned as a place for the horses and carriages, but now they are more in use as a decorative centrepiece with possibly a fountain. This is the colonial style introduced by the Spanish many years ago. In the city centre of San Miguel most of these old colonial houses are now hotels and restaurants

We chose a path, actually a stairway down to town. I wouldn't want to climb these stairs because you can't set your stride and that can be incredibly tiring. Our descent led us along hidden houses, built before there were cars. People were on horseback and used burros to haul their stuff. When we came out of the alley we were on familiar ground and continued to the Jardín. From there the way was easy and well known to us.

The view from the top of the path
Taking a break at the Plaza Civica

When we got to Francesco's we turned right and walked along the road until we came upon the cactus garden. A gardener was at work watering and cleaning the grounds. We strolled around the place and took a seat on some of the concrete benches scattered about. A swing hangs from a tree waiting for a child to be pushed by daddy. Various species of cacti were planted here along with some orange trees and Benjamina trees. The garden is located among some very fine houses built on a looped street that sees little traffic. We wandered through this little neighbourhood and returned to the street that led us to the garden, then onwards to a little alley with more fine houses and beautiful murals.

Notice the braided trunk
After admiring all the real estate we were hungry and finally the timing was right for a pizza at "La Grotta" supposedly one of the city's best Italian restaurants. Our pizza was delicious and the restaurant is quaint and close to the Jardín, hence a little more pricey for a slightly smaller pie. It's a bit more Neapolitan than Francesco's, but both deserve equal ratings.
La Grotta interior
The view from our table

We wiled away the afternoon on our roof deck and finished the day with another pork schnitzel combined with a Caesar salad. A Mexican creation by the way!



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  2. Glad ya'll are out exploring. You might enjoy the Sunday home tours sponsored by the Biblotecha. The money goes to pay for scholarships for the children so they can go to school beyond 6th grade. After 6th grade one must pay and many cannot. To see the grounds and interiors of these grand homes is well worth it.