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Sunday 6 December 2015

Shelagh has a cold, "Balcones" and some more pictures of this wonderful house.

Friday, Dec. 4 2015.

Well, last night Shelagh started to come down with a bug. Sore throat and a bit head-achy. We think it is the adjustment to the altitude and the arid climate. Despite that we still managed to walk to the Mega, about 3.4 km. away walking the most direct route. But we saunter from street to street just to see different neighbourhoods so our walk is considerably longer. By the time the shopping was done Shelagh was spent. However, with all that shopping done a taxi was in order. We got home, put away all the groceries and copious amounts of wine and went to the roof deck to take in some well needed vitamin D.

After yesterday's cool weather the temps are back up to the low twenties, and in the sunshine it's even quite warm. It's nice to bake in the sun a bit here in the mountains, on the coast it can get really hot, and that is not our thing.

On the roof, the spot to sit in the sun

Today we also met Josefina the cleaning lady and Javier the gardener. They show up on Mondays and Fridays. Josefina cleans the house and Javier sweeps the patios, the roof decks, takes the garbage away and waters the enormous collection of potted plants. In this blog post I want to share some pictures of this property. I have already posted some, but I am going to take some pictures of the rest of the place and show the abundance of Mexican style going on here.

On the roof, the living room
On the roof, the dining room
The front door

Meanwhile I need to spend some time making some chicken veggie soup for my sweetie.

The guest house
The patio by the bedroom
One of four arched windows
Garden d├ęcor


Saturday, Dec. 5 2015.

Spent a relaxing day mostly at home, but still managed to get a nice couple of walks in. Shelagh's FitBit sure is a motivator, even when she is not feeling well. The soup tasted great and time will get her feeling better, it's just a cold so we just need to keep her toasty, but that's not easy in an old stone house at 6500 feet altitude. Midday the temps go up to around 21C but the mornings can be quite cold. So as soon as the sun comes out we're in it.

We walked the neighbourhood called "Balcones". It's at a higher elevation with very nice views over the valley in which San Miguel lies. Beautiful large houses are being built here, I'm sure they fetch a high price. Lots of them are for sale, I wonder if their (foreign) owners need to let them go after being hit by the economic downturn we experienced a few years ago...



  1. Absolutely beautiful about a getaway! It will be hard to leave! Hope Shelagh continues to "experiencing" this vacation with you from my couch! ;) Thank you!

    1. Thanks Dawn, glad you are enjoying my ramblings...

  2. fantastic, i would love to spend 3 months there. your pics are lovely. i love seeing them and reading your blog

    1. Thanks Laurel, I hope you are enjoying you winter in AZ as well. We love this house too, it is a beauty.

  3. Beautiful pictures Peter, wow, so colourful. I also often end up with a cold after flying, hope Shelagh gets well soon. You guys have picked a wonderful place to spend winter! :)

    1. Hi Johanna, this city is bursting with colour, everywhere you look from the buildings to the flowers. The sunny weather really makes it all pop.

  4. Very, very nice! Loving all the walks. We just adore this town and would love to go back one day. This year, it will only be the coast for us but someday, once again!! You aren't missing much here. Our weather is grey, rainy and very windy. (Alert the media!!!)

    Keep on walking you two!!!!!

    1. Hi guys, we love it here too. Leaving at the end of February will be a sad event...