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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Rogers Creek Trail

On Tuesday we decided to take Bodhi for a drive to the Beaver Pond Trail. Shelagh had planned the route on her iPod using the app and off we went. It was really foggy out and maybe that interfered with the app because it stopped working along the way. We followed the road and came to a park entrance and figured we had found it. However we were at a different place called Rogers Creek Trail. Being the easy going folks that we are we figured a trail is a trail and we're here for the exercise, so we started our walk.

The water is crystal clear

The trail is beautiful and has some up and down parts but none too difficult for Shelagh's nasty knees. Her arthritis is painful at best. We walked along Rogers Creek for about an hour and the dog had a ball. We came upon a young man with two large dogs off leash and we were a bit concerned about how Bodhi would behave, but he was totally fine with them, even playful. Progress! I forgot my camera, so Shelagh took some pictures with her iPod.

An old trough for dragging logs to the river

When we got home again we put Bodhi in his crate and we went to the local Chinese for a nice big bowl of Wor Wonton Soup with an egg-roll. The soup was excellent, but the egg-roll not so good. Still a good lunch. When we got home again we looked up the location of Beaver Pond Trail and realized the we were very close, just a few hundred meters further... So we will return there in a day or two...

Evening playtime
Morning coffee and cuddle competition


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  1. Looks like yo enjoying the area, and getting some exercise as well.