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Friday, 27 January 2017

Beaver Pond Trail

Not being the types who give up easily we finally managed to find the Beaver Pond Trail. It is not on any map but it is promoted on the Alberni Valley Website. It happens to be part of the Log Train Trail. There is a small parking area, for about three cars, but plenty of on street parking. We got the car parked and secured and set off to the large map sign at the trail head. Still no mention of the Beaver Pond Trail. Oh well, it's a trail so let's just get some walking done.

Along the way we met a man with a little dog called Lady. Bodhi and Lady got along very well and as we were walking along the path I spotted a sign pointing to the Beaver Pond Trail! It's a loop trail and should take about one hour to complete. We set off and soon we were in pristine west coast rain forest. The first of two beaver ponds came into view and we stopped for photos. A couple of lawn chairs have been left there where you can sit and ponder the pond...

Nice solution to a muddy path
The Beaver Pond, the beaver lodge in in the centre of the picture

There are also a couple of areas that have recently been logged, not pretty, but it's a sustainable and renewable industry and the back bone of our provence. In a few decades it will be back to normal. The trail is easily walked with a couple of steep areas and in the winter also a few slippery spots, taking it easy and keeping an eye on the muddy patches is recommended. Along the way we met a couple of men with their large dogs. One of the dogs was a young Doberman named Karma, very playful and happy. Bodhi handled him very well and not once looked intimidated. He's doing great! When we got back to the trail head we had walked for exactly one hour.

Logged off recently
Steep and slippery
Someone has a sense of humour
Looks like Bonnie and Clyde were here
Bullet holes
A short cut

In this area some new developments are being built, so we decided to do a little rubber necking and check out the neighbourhood. Nice houses up on the hill and yet still close enough to town so you don't feel too isolated. We went home to let Bodhi get some rest and got ready to go out for lunch.

We had chosen Dimitris Italian Restaurant for a nice pizza. It is the only pizza place that we know of in town that is not part of a restaurant chain. When we got there we found the parking lot empty, never a good sign for a restaurant. As it turns out the place is now only for take away and delivery, eating in has not been possible for quite a while now. We took a take away menu for another day and decided that we should try Orestes Greek Kouzina.

Nice house
Not as pooped as yesterday

The Orestes Greek Kouzina at 4505 Gertrude st. was pleasantly busy and we were seated by the owner. Her husband, who grew up in Santiago Chile, brought us a nice bottle of wine while we perused the menu. We love meze, or Greek tapas, so we ordered all six of the appetizers on the menu and filled the table with deliciousness. Calamari, Dolmades, Saganaki, Spanakopita, Keftedes and Garlic Prawns with pita bread. The Calamari was served like a dinner order and included Greek salad. Needless to say we went home with leftovers. Tonight's dinner will be light fare.

A table full of meze

Another fine day in Port Alberni, we like it here...



  1. I've only ever driven through but it looked nice, all except that curvy road to get there.

    1. This town is quite fun in winter, I can imagine it being even better in the warmer seasons...

  2. Indeed another great day! Thanks for sharing and the pics.

  3. Looks like a wonderful hike and even better diner.

    1. Sometimes you just have to splurge a bit.