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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Little Qualicum Falls

The morning dawned overcast and foggy. Not a normal combination in the lower mainland, usually fog is replaced with sunshine. But this is Vancouver Island and the weather is what it is and we cannot control it so after breakfast we headed out to Little Qualicum Falls with our wee friend Bodhi. From the house in Port Alberni it's roughly a 30 minute drive, no big deal. The drive was uneventful and we were soon parked at the falls ready for our walk. With the spring runoff beginning the Qualicum river is starting to swell and the falls were roaring. You could hear them from the parking lot. I have a lot of pictures to share, they, after all, speak volumes...

No shortage of picnic tables
Shelagh and Bodhi
The spring runoff has begun
Roaring waters

Bodhi is full of excitement when we open the car door and he is eager to take us on a trek every time. We started up to the upper falls and slowly made our way around the park. For a Saturday it was not very busy, it is winter after all and the park is mostly used by locals... Along the way we passed a man taking pictures with a very large camera. On the back of his teeshirt were the following words...

I'd rather be in the mountains

thinking of God

than be in a church

thinking of the mountains

And then the sun came out
Do you REALLY need to be told?

A wonderful morning with our pooch. And a calm drive back home to lunch. Life is good.



  1. What a wonderful hike and great pictures.

    1. So many great hikes here. For all levels of endurance. The Alberni valley is a gem...

  2. Shanet are you tapping on the comments, it then should open up then tap on publish.

  3. Englishman river falls is another great walk..cheers les