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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Bodhi goes to the beach...


When we were camping on Vancouver Island last September (you can read all about that in the history bar) we came upon a few places that we wanted to revisit. One of them was the Parksville / Qualicum Beach area. So we put the dog and the cooler in the car and set off to Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville for some walking along the beach and maybe scout out some fish and chips.

Bodhi likes the car and he had plenty to look at during the drive. We collapsed the back seat for him and added his comfy dog bed so he could also take a nap. At the park we walked the entire length back and forth, about an hour all told. This translates into about five km. A lot more for Bodhi because he walks in circles and zigzags while we walk in a straight line...

There are signs up along the walkway telling people that pets are not allowed on the beach at this time because every year large flocks of Brant Geese stop here to rest up and feed while on their journey back to the great white north where they further their species. Rathtrevor is a beautiful park with year round camping. We even saw a campsite set up with a tent! Some people are tough!

Beautiful Rathtrevor Beach
Plenty of picnic tables
Heading to the campground

After our walk we drove to Qualicum to have another look at a real estate development right on the waterfront. There are about 50 cottages built around a communal area with a pool, hot tubs, club house with a gym and a tennis court. You may add your cottage to the rental pool and have some return on your investment, or you can just keep it all to yourself. The down side is that you may live there for 180 days in a row and then you must be away for a few days. Then when you return you are good for another 180 days. It all has to do with some covenant regarding recreational properties. Any of you who read this blog can add your advise on owning such a property. It would be greatly appreciated.

We drove on along the shore to our favourite chippy only to find them closed for the season. Not surprising really, it's a tourist area and winter is the slow season. There is a fish and chips place in Port Alberni that we want to try called "Bare Bones", sounds good! We stopped at the Quality Foods in Qualicum where Shelagh hopped out of the car and bought some club sandwiches and some veggies for our spaghetti dinner. We stopped at a picnic area on Cameron Lake on the way home. The views are wonderful right from the picnic table. It was a bit cold there for Bodhi so we did not stay long. When we got back on the road our four legged buddy fell asleep in his doggie bed. He slept for most of the day, totally tired out. A good day for the little guy...

Lunch at Cameron Lake
Beautiful views
Totally exhausted



  1. Rathtrevor beach is so beautiful in the summer, a great place to wade as it goes out for at least a half a mile and still not up to your waist. As for the recreational property, that scares me. You may be up to traveling a lot at this point in your life but if something came up and you cant leave at the 180 day mark where are you supposed to go? Those kind of properties tend to have a lot of other "special" rules. I would make sure to read all their paperwork from start to finish before considering it.

  2. Oh Vancouver Island, reminds me of a couple of years back, touring the island on y own, clearing my head and preparing myself for the years to come as a pensionado or maybe a second carreer

    1. That was a great time... And now you are a pensionado AND you have a second carreer!

  3. I think you have one tired puppy after your day's outing! :-)

    Looks like a lovely part of the island. I can't wait until we can travel there in Sherman and explore the whole island. I think it would take us the whole summer to do that and then some. So glad you had a great day of exploring.

    1. I would be great to have you visit the left coast...