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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Museo Histórico de San Miguel de Allende

Ignacio Allende

Just across the street from the Parroquia of San Miguel is the Museo Histórico de San Miguel de Allende. The museum was once one of the many colonial homes in the city. The main floor, at street level, was used by the servants and horses and carriages, the upper floor, or pisa noble, was used by the family that lived there. The main floor's rooms are where you will find many displays with text in both Spanish and English. You learn about the resistance movement led by Ignacio Allende and Miguel Hidalgo, against the Spanish rule.

The Master's bedroom
The Lady's bedroom
The Child's room
The Meeting room
The Family room
View from the Family room

The upper floor shows that husband and wife slept in separate rooms, and the children had their own room. A large meeting room is furnished with seating for the men and large cushions for the women.

Servants' Courtyard
The Kitchen (these techniques are still in use today)
The Stables
The Main Courtyard

The courtyard is flanked by the stables and kitchen. In its time a very impressive house, and a wealth of information is to be learned here on Mexican history. The museum is closed on Mondays and admission is free on Sundays. It's well worth a visit when you are in San Miguel de Allende.


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