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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

San Miguel Street Art

We love to walk, and we try to get a good walk in every day. Along the way we usually come upon street art. Not be confused with graffiti, street art is real art on walls of buildings and at times even commissioned. Over the last few weeks I have been photographing the nice street art along our walks. There is some serious talent out there, and I hope the artists that create these murals manage to earn a good living. There are so many starving artists out there...

Here's what we have seen to date...



  1. I especially like the caracol on the side of the building in Mexiquito. None of that work was anywhere in town until a few years ago. I can tell from the art where you took most of your walk.
    Glad ya'll get out and about......

    1. It feels to me that we have peobably walked about 75% of the streets of San Miguel by now. We will be back to walk the rest someday. This town is special beyond description.

  2. Such a magical town to wander around.

  3. I like the grasshopper (especially the feet that are paintbrushes) and the snail, my favourites. Nice post, Senor Peter!

  4. Wow that is some seriously great art and fabulous photography. Well done.