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Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Chilli Cook Off

An annual event in San Miguel is the "Chilli cook off". This year 26 people and restaurants participated. Tickets are 100 Pesos in advance and 150 Pesos at the door. At the entrance to the event you get a little bowl and a very little spoon.

ChupAlita won the competition
This participant had made his own corn tortilla bowls
There were also vendors selling their wares
Zumo is one of the top restaurants in town

As you stroll along the stalls you can get a ladle of chilli put into your bowl and have a taste. One participant showed up with meat balls, they were delicious, but that's not chilli, so he was off my list immediately. After about 20 tastes we were stuffed so we stopped for a beer break. We tried a very hoppy artisan beer that tasted quite good to me, but it was not Shelagh's favourite, so I volunteered to finish hers. Then we tried the other chilli offerings and eventually returned to our favourite to confirm our choice. Once you have decided on the best of the best you leave your very little spoon at their stall in a bucket placed there for the purpose.

This guy did a brisk business with his sausages
Great music all day

The event went from 12:00 'till 20:00. Live music filled the air by three bands, beer and wine flowed, and food was barbecued. A certain recipe for success.

The setting was on the parklike grounds behind the "Instituto de Allende"

We had a great time despite the high winds and cool temperatures...



  1. Hot in the sun though. You really have to wear a hat our have your head in the shade. On the way home through the Jardin vendors were selling hollowed out eggs in bright colors filled with something. All the kids and young adults were running around throwing these at each other. The ground was a sea of smashed egg shells of every color under the rainbow.

  2. Yep, it was chilly and windy here in Guanajuato as well. You're right Shelagh, the sun was still hot though...

    1. Despite the weather being cool and windy, this was one of our best days.

  3. Sounds like a fun day, too bad you had to finish her beer, I would have offered too.

  4. Sorry we sent the wind your way. Soon it will be past. Sounds like a great cook off.

    1. It was great fun! If there is something similar in Lake Country please let us know and we'll be there.

  5. How come you guys seem to be around good food so often hahaha?