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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Such a Head Banger

The sidewalks in San Miguel can be treacherous. Many steps up and down and sometimes the lids to underground services don't fit well. So when walking through town you need to keep an eye on the surface, and when you want to take a closer look at something, you need to stop walking or you can get hurt. We are both very good at this and have managed to walk around without any mishaps. Until last week when we were on our way to the Monday morning coffee klatch. Shelagh was walking behind me so I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but she tripped and fell down. On the way down she struck her head against the stucco wall of a house and cut her scalp quite badly. A couple of nice people came running up and pointed us into the direction of a clinic not far away.

Sanatorio Torres de San Miguel

It took a bit of searching for the clinic, but after asking some folks we found out that the clinic is in a hostel and the doctor was called up to check on Shelagh. He arrived fifteen minutes later and checked the injury. She needs stitches! After a thorough cleaning he put in three stitches and added a bandage. We decided to go home and take it easy for the day because there might be a slight concussion. The doctor told us to come back in eight days to have the sutures removed. Well, today is day eight and we went back to the clinic. The sutures have been removed and all is well. Shelagh just needs to be careful around the healing area for a while.

Waiting for the doctor amongst good company
The Good Doctor
It could be worse... A funeral procession

With that ordeal behind us what better to do than have a pizza and a beer! So we walked to Cent'Anni, a good Italian joint in town with a fantastic roof deck. Our pizza was delicious with pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, caramelized onions and goat cheese. We have decided to return soon for dinner.

On the roof terrace

Back home now waiting for the laundry to be delivered, and then we're off to "Hanks", a Louisiana style bar restaurant for Taco Tuesday and two-for-one Margheritas! Life here is a blast...

Trimming the trees in the Jardin
Many of these beauties here



  1. Glad she is ok - the very first time I went to Mexico was 28 years ago with my boyfriend at the time. On the first afternoon he stepped off one of those uneven sidewalks and twisted his ankle so bad he couldn't walk. Although we had medical insurance we were young and stupid so I had to go fetch him food etc for 2 days and bring it back to the hotel. I was a scared 18 year old girl in a foreign country for the very first time. I must say it was good for me to have to venture out by myself and he soon healed up and we had an excellent couple of weeks after that.

    1. I'm glad she's okay as well, I mean she pays for everything...
      Being just 18 years old an venturing out on the town in a foreign country is commendable! Obviously it added to your character. Cheers, thanks for reading.

    2. Peter hates carrying cash, so he loves the fact that I do the books as well as handle the cash, no big deal.
      In Europe when we travellled with his sister and brother in law we had a house purse. We all throw Euros in for the month, this would take care of our daily groceries and lunch out etc. If you wanted a special bottle of booze that was your dime. It worked out really well so Peter just decided to keep me at it.

    3. Yeah, I remember that, Shelagh, and you were really good at it! Glad to hear you are okay now. Enjoy the rest of your stay and keep them stories coming!

  2. Glad that Shelagh is ok, nice to get it looked after right away.
    You have to be very careful on those sidewalks as we have experienced too.

  3. Such a nasty experience. Sorry it happened but the worse is over and a margarita cures all. We have many streets like that here in Mazatlan.

  4. You guys are true travelers and seem to handle everything in stride. I know I would not have been brave enough to go in a youth hostel/clinic. Oy vey. Glad to hear about Cent Anni. It is a relatively new restaurant, about a year old, and I've never been there because I heard it was so expensive. Now I'll try it some time. Glad Shelagh is okay............

    1. Do give Cent'Anni a try, their menu is on their website...