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Monday 30 January 2017

Hole in the Wall Trail

Just east of the Port Alberni visitor's centre lies the entrance to the "Hole in the Wall Trail". Make sure you are eastbound on highway 4 and pull over onto the large-ish shoulder along the road just past the Coombs Country Candy Store and park the car. Follow the trail 'till you get to a fork in the path and keep right, then after a while you'll encounter another fork in the path and here you keep left. It's only a 15 minute walk to the hole in the wall.

Westbound on Hwy 4 just past the Coobs Country Candy store
Second growth forest
Keep left
The path becomes a creek here
The Hole in the Wall

A long time ago, by North American standards, a pipeline was built to carry water to the settlement of Port Alberni. The pipeline was made of yellow cedar wrapped in wire, much like the early sewer pipes in Seattle WA. When they came upon a mass of rock a hole had to be drilled through it to let the pipeline continue its natural flow. A bit of the pipeline can still be seen.

Remains of the old pipeline

For many years this place was forgotten, and even today many locals don't know of its existence. It's a short hike, with a few up and down bits, but in winter the trail becomes a creek in some places. Just past the hole in the wall is a little beach area where some very patient people have built some inukshuks. A beautiful place to do some reflecting...


Back tracking a bit along the trail, where the second fork was, you can take the other path to the Sherwood waterfall. We could not get close enough to it because the path was too slippery with mud but I managed to get a picture from the top of it. If you continue along this path you will be connected to the Rogers Creek Trail system. All good fun, and a very popular spot in the warmer months...

Keep right now
Sherwood falls
Back to the car



  1. I did that a few years ago great trail cheers L

  2. It was wonderful, my favorite walk so far.

  3. Looks great! Maybe we will have to put Vancouver Island on our list...

    1. You could easily spend a month on Vancouver Island. It's the same size as the Netherlands and full of beauty.

  4. Another wonderful hike , thanks for sharing.