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Monday 30 November 2015

Goodbye Vancouver, Hello Los Angeles


Liam picked us up at 09:00 and drove us to the airport. Typical morning rush hour traffic, but no worries because we left with plenty of time to spare.

The check in process is now fully automated and a bit daunting for us who haven't flown to a US destination in a very long time. You scan your passport, your face and your fingerprints just after you drop off your luggage. Then in becomes a bit more familiar with the trays for your stuff and the body scanner. Everything gets a good checkover and we're okay with that. Safety first.

We walked through the "fare paid" zone after checking through customs and I was once again blown away by the beauty of Vancouver International Airport. What a classy place! We sat down for a bit to regroup and put all our stuff back in its place.

Then hunger struck. Shelagh had seen an Orange Julius and said they have the best hot dogs. So we each had a hot dog and a classic orange drink, not bad actually, but I'm not going to make a habit of it. Then buy two bottles of wine at the duty free and stop for a glass of white wine at the Canucks pub and soon it was time to board the plane. We left right on time and landed in Los Angeles at 16:00. It took a while to figure out where the hotel shuttle buses stop but we were soon on our way to the hotel. Check in was a breeze, and we were soon moved into our room. After some relaxing we walked to the Denny's restaurant next door and had a delicious caesar salad with chicken and avocado.

Now a glass of wine in our room, and then we start tomorrow's leg into Mexico.

Stay tuned for more news...



  1. The security check at YVR flying into the US was so thorough. Never had one as in depth as this before. They we really nice about it too.
    Do remeber to load the airlines entertainment apps prior to boarding.
    I missed two movies I would have liked to see.

  2. owowow how lucky you are, just by reading about the airport- and hotelinformation I too want to GO AGAIN! I love being on the move and between citizens of the world! Keep going, the sun is waiting :)

  3. Okay, okay.........we are watching!! Waiting for that moment that we know will be coming upon your arrival in SMdA, pure joy, especially the Parroquia!!!! Not to mention the GORGEOUS house!!!!!