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Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Duncan Saturday Market

Every Saturday, with the exception of two weeks during the holiday season, we have the market in Duncan. During the summer months as many as 150 vendors can be seen here selling their wares. Mostly organic produce, but also hand made crafts, wine and spirits, breads and baked goods, jams and chutneys, oils, vinegars, salsas and free range organic meats and eggs. There is even a masage therapist!

We see plenty of people enjoying the food here.

Brenda makes delicious marmalade and chutney.

Next week we'll try the tacos!

These two were dancing up a storm.

The market is a riot of colour and music and well worth a visit. Most vendors will take a credit card as payment, but cash is king here and so much easier. Some very colourful characters sell their crafts here, I'm trying to take their photographs but haven't been able to just yet.

Typically you'll find at least three musicians serenading the crowd. On the bandstand usually a small group performs, and along the fringes of the market some solo troubadours entertain. It's easy to wile away a couple of hours here and enjoy some of the great eats that are on offer from the food trucks. When the weather warms up a bit more we'll spend more time here and just take in the ambience...

Ampersand Distilling makes excellent Gin. We'll have to try their Vodka too.


  1. It is my very favourite thing to do on Saturday. Today we saw a few more vendors back after their winter absence. Also always enjoy our walk along the dike by the river.

  2. It looks like it has grown. Before I met my husband I lived in Mill Bay and went to that market every weekend. One vendor had the very best honey bread ever, I bought a loaf every week. Our market here doesn't go back outside until the 1st of April

  3. Love, love that market. Wish I lived there. It all looks so appealing.

  4. What a fun way to spend a couple of hours. And come back home with dinner too!