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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Barnston Island

We had planned on going to Surrey Bend Park but because there was a police situation involving three cruisers, one police helicopter and a police boat we were told that the park was closed until further notice. So what to do? We were right at the parking area for the free ferry service to Barnston Island so we opted for that instead.

The ferry just goes back and forth between the island and the mainland, with no set schedule. It's a barge with a tugboat attached. Many people get on with their bicycles for a fun ten km. ride around the perimeter of the island. At the west end of the island is a little park area with picnic tables and a nice view.

The island is farmland and home to the Avalon Ranch which is well known in the area for producing organic dairy products. Happy cows with bells on! Enjoying the sunny weather we're having, life is good.



  1. Looks a wonderful day enjoying the sights and excellent weather.
    Indeed life is good.

  2. What a nice quiet day away from the city. We spent it cleaning/putting together our summer patio. Lots of work but worth it.

  3. Don't think we ever did that, sounds like a fun thing to do with bikes.