Saturday, 8 August 2015


Since we only had the rental car for a week and we had only a couple of days left we decided to hit the road again. This time to Rethimnon, halfway across the island. Again along the main highway but a much shorter drive than to Chania. We arrived in town after an uneventful drive and found a parking lot near the town center. From the parking lot to the harbour is only about a ten minute walk and we were soon upon another beautiful view of where the town meets the sea.

Walking along the waterfront and checking out the restaurants along the way you see the daily specials on display at each eatery. One of the the best looking specials showed some "Gambas", large prawns from the Med. Shelagh loves prawns so the decision was simple. I ordered a different fish dish but sadly it had just sold out. Oh well, specials of the day then. Very expensive, rather a lot more than we like to spend, but we were here to enjoy ourselves. It still blows my mind that these bottom feeders demand such a high price compared to a nice fish. Although lunch tasted great it was terrible value for the money. Way too overpriced. Lesson learned.

We wandered trough the streets and took in the sights, not as pretty as Chania, but still so very Mediterranian.



  1. I just found this from Winnie Views. I had no I idea you had a blog. You should have told me. Are you in Greece now? Regardless, lovely photos of a lovely vacation.

    1. Thanks Contessa, the blog just reflects memories right now. Soon we will go to real time. I have many more trips to share including Italy. Stay tuned.

  2. It takes a lot of time to do what you are doing but it will be so great to have it online. Might I suggest putting the date ( even just month and year ) at the top of your catch up posts.